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الحصول على الإصدار الأخير من AddaLine - Phone Numbers من Communication لـ Android. Get a new phone number in less than 60 seconds!AddaLine allows you to add multiple real phone numbers to your phone. With your new phone number you privacy is protected. You can call and... قراءة المزيد >

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AddaLine - Phone Numbers
AddaLine - Phone Numbers

AddaLine - Phone Numbers   الوصف

أحدث AddaLine - Phone Numbers apk تنزيل. Get a new phone number in less than 60 seconds!

AddaLine allows you to add multiple real phone numbers to your phone. With your new phone number you privacy is protected. You can call and text just like you would with your real phone.

Your new number is great for:
- Businesses (local presence, separate work and private life, manage employee accounts etc)
- Sell things online
- Dating (not sure if it's a keeper or a creeper?)
- Tracking marketing campaigns
- And many more scenarios (Doctors, Teachers, Realtors etc)
- Calling internationally at super low rates

Everyone gets a 24 hour free trial! During the trial you can make a few calls, send texts (approx. 10 minutes of calls and 15 texts to the US/CA) and make sure you love it before deciding to keep it or not. If you like it, then it's easy to upgrade the account to a subscription. Plans start from $5 per month including unlimited calling and texting to many countries. Please review www.addaline.com for the full price list including international calling rates.

Using our numbers to validate other chat/communication applications is not allowed during the free trial.

All your numbers can be used to make & receive calls, voicemail, send and receive text (SMS) messages, send & receive pictures (MMS support only on US numbers), and many more things.

Protecting yourself with an Addaline number gives you the confidence to communicate freely and the ability to avoid callers and remain anonymous — all on your current phone with absolute privacy. You can rest easy knowing that you are not giving out your real number and you can change or add more Addaline numbers at any time.

• Easily create a unique phone number. Add as many as you’d like.
• Remain private and discreet as your share your Addaline number with others.
• Block callers with supplied messages, such as a disconnected tone.
• Remove your number anytime and create a new one to start all over.

In the age of information that we live in, getting in touch is easy — but doing so in a way that you remain in control of your personal details is hard. Addaline helps you speak freely with safety in numbers.

For all the roles that life throws at us - Addaline and talk your way through it!

(Addaline was previously named Funbers) تحميل وإعداد ملف APK مخزن اللعب أو تحميل وتثبيت obb الأصلي من جوجليبلاي AppStore.

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